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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Matchbox BigZ XL Boxes - Easter

I'm absolutely hooked on the boxes I can make using the Big Shot Matchbox Bigz XL Die (Item # 114890 in our Occasions Mini Catalog). I'm having so much fun making them. Decided to make a few to give to our neighbors as an Easter surprise ... shhhh, don't tell them. Any color, any pattern two sided design paper works well with these boxes. Wouldn't they make great wedding favors, party favors, or just little gifts for your friends.

I have found that the Extended Premimum Crease Pad (Item #117630 $19.95) is an absolute must have with this die. By using the crease pad I'm getting really nice crisp folds. With just the cutting pads, not all the creases/fold lines are showing. With the cutting pads and some shims (card stock under the die to add depth), the crease lines were so deep that when folded they ripped off.

Here's the sandwich recipe I used:
Cutting board
Shim (1 or 2 pieces under the die ... I found 2 under the cover part of the box and 1 under the box part worked best with my die)
Cardstock for the boxes
Extended Premium Crease Pad

When you use the crease pads, you do NOT use the second cutting pad on top of the sandwich.

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