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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Can you guess what these are?????

Can you guess what these are? Here's some hints:

1. Made with Stampin' Up! Products (ribbon, cardstock, punches, shimmer paint, stamp sets, roller wheels, brayer, speciality papers and much more).

2. Useful gift item.

3. Perfect for male or female.

4. Great stocking stuffer.

Any ideas ... please post your answer in the comment section. I will have a tutorial on them later this week.

UPDATE/ANSWER (Friday Night - 10/2/2009): These are corner bookmarks. They are so easy to make and have been a big hit with everyone I have given them to. Can be decorated in so many ways for men, women, or children. I'm working on the tutorial right now and it will be posted by Sunday night.

UPDATE (Saturday - 10/3/2009): I just posted the tutorial on how to make these, CLICK HERE to view.

Stampin' Up! -- Discover Your Creativity
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Tracey The AVON Lady said...

Wow, I have been looking and looking at these, and I just can't guess! Can't wait to see what they are!

KreatesKards said...

Tracey, here's another hint ...

they are 2 x 2 inches and a very practical, but cute item.

Gail said...

I suppose a gift card is just too easy of an answer! How about a holder for those little sample packs of tylenol or asprin? I'll try to think of something else - I'm sure that's not it!

KreatesKards said...

Gail, thanks for guessing. Great ideas, but not the correct answer.

Gail said...

I thought, and thought and thought. How about a bookmark magnet? You glue magnets to the inside and they can be used to mark your page in a book?

KreatesKards said...

Gail ... you are 98% right!!!!!!!

The are corner bookmarks, no magnets tho. These fold and fit perfectly over a corner the page and stay in place really well.

Congrats on coming up with the right answer.

Gail said...

I wasn't sure if they opened all the way, but I now can see that they are open on 2 sides. Pretty nice way to use up scraps too!

KreatesKards said...

Gail, it uses a 4 x 4 piece of paper that is scored. Full details soon I promise. My hubby loved these. There is no bulk to them, so the book will remain flat with the bookmarks in. He is always reading computer books, so these are perfect. The H and the lower right corner ones are for him.

Carol said...

How about book marks!!! Slip it in the corner of the page??


KreatesKards said...

YES, they are corner bookmarks. Tutorial coming soon !!!

Laurinda said...

Great idea! I'll be waiting for the tutorial.


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