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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Corner Bookmark - Quick & Easy - Tutorial

On a blog post a couple of days ago, I posted the photo above and asked if you could guess what they were. Thanks for everyone who posted a comment or e-mailed me with their response. They are corner bookmarks and are so easy to make. This will make a great gift for a man, woman, or child; perfect for holiday stocking stuffers too or a nice "Thinking of You" inside of a card.

NOTE: The upper right bookmark used the large punched design from the Photo Corners Punch (item #109042). The lower right one used the small punched design from the Photo Corners Punch. The upper left bookmark used the Curly Label Punch (item #112208). The lower left one used the 5-Petal Flower Punch (item #109041).

Stampin' Up! Products (which of course, you can order from me):
Tempting Turquoise Card Stock (4" x 4" square) (item #102067)
Pink Flamingo Designer Series Paper (4" x 4" square) (item #113976)
Snail Adhesive (item #104332)
Paper Snips (item #103579) --- This are absolutely the BEST scissors I've ever owned.
Bone Folder (item #102300)
Photo Corners Paper Punch (item #109042)
Trio Flower Paper Punch (item #109183)

Take your 4" x 4" piece of Tempting Turquoise Card Stock and score at 2" inch mark both vertically and horizontally. DO NOT FOLD.

Cut out one of the corner pieces using your paper snips. The cut out corner piece will not be used. I have a box of pieces/extras that I would put it in to be used later on.

Fold one side in on the crease line, using your bone folder to make the fold crisp and neat.

Fold the other side in on the crease line also using your bone folder.

Compare the folds and determine which way they lay more flat. Then using SNAIL Adhesive glue the two folded piece together. This is the back of the bookmark. You are only gluing the two folded over squares together. DO NOT GLUE THE FRONT AND BACK TOGETHER.

Once glued, it will give you a little pocket style ... 2 sides are the folded edges, 2 sides are the open edges.

Punch out 4 of the Photo Corners punch designs from your 4" x 4" Pink Flamingo paper. Keep the shapes close together as you punch them out, so that you have room to punch out 1 set of the Trio Flower Design.

I made 2 bookmarks with these punched out designs because of the way I layered them.

The Photo Corner punch actually punches out 2 sizes of Photos Corners. The bookmark below used the larger size and the 3 flowers.

I placed two of the larger photo corners in the corners and then placed the trio of flowers down the center. They were adhered to the bookmark using SNAIL Adhesive.

The 2nd bookmark I made (on the right) used the remaining photo corners. The pink flamingo paper is double sided designs, so I just flipped it over to get the turquoise lacy pattern. I put the remaining 2 larger corners opposite each other, and 2 of the small ones opposite each other using SNAIL Adhesive. Then I took the last two small corners gluing them together to make a accent square in the middle.

You will be amazed at all the different designs you can come up with using the Photo Corner Paper Punch. You can stack, line up, etc to create different looks.

Do not make too many layers on your bookmarks or use a thick ribbon. This will cause your bookmark to be too bulky and could damage your book. The bookmark plus one layer of paper works great.

In the photo above, I have attached a bookmark to the upper left AND the upper right corners of the Stampin' Up! catalog. The book page just slides inside the opening and the bookmark will stay neatly in place.

I hope you will try these. They are such a good gift idea.

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Meg said...

These are great! Thanks for another easy-to-follow tutorial!

Sherry said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Dot said...

Great idea! TFS!

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