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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lollipop Bouquet Tutorial

Who wouldn't love a lollipop bouquet for a birthday or any special occasion.   This was so fun and didn't even take an hour to make.  It is for a very special little girl in our lives.  Her birthday is December 9th, and she has no idea "yet" that I have made this for her.

 Here's a close up of the bouquet.  The lollipops are packed in tightly.

The finishing touch was a large bow using Stampin' Up! 1 1/4" Striped Grosgrain Ribbon which is available in 11 different colors.   This one is Daffodil Delight.

Supplies Needed:
Stampin' Up! 1 1/4" Striped Grosgrain Ribbon - Daffodil Delight, item #1197770
Vase or Flower Pot about 5 1/2"
Marbles or rocks to weight the vase down.
1 Bag Dum Dum Pops 42.8 oz bag (250 pops in it)
5" Styrofoam Ball (any color)
Glue Gun

1.  Fill your vase or flower pot with marbles or rocks to weight it down.  If this step is skipped, the bouquet could easily fall over when the pops are pulled out.   Because I used a clear vase, I filled it with iridescent marbles almost to the top.

2.  I put hot glue around the edge of the vase (you have to work quickly) and then immediately placed the Styrofoam ball on top.  Because my vase had a ruffled edge to it, I then went back and filled in the openings with hot glue to really secure it to the vase.

3.  Starting at the top, start placing pops in the Styrofoam.  Keep pops close together for a fuller effect and to cover the Styrofoam.  You can go back in and fill in if needed.  Press pops in securely.

4.   Tie a bow around the vase and the bouquet is ready to give as a gift or use as a centerpierce.

The original idea for this came from Meet The Dubiens blog.

You may order from my Stampin' Up! website 24/7 by CLICKING HERE, then click on Shop Now or by contacting me directly. My e-mail link is at the top of the screen.

Mary Director
Stampin' Up! Senior Supervisor, Independent Demonstrator & Creative Coach
Stampin' Up! -- Discover Your Creativity
(On-line ordering now available thru my website)


Patti said...

Mary, what an adorable gift. She will love it I'm sure.

Lollipop birthday invitations said...

Yes I agree pretty adorable flower bouquet!

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