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Friday, May 22, 2009

Pastel Chalk Backgrounds - Add'l Information

I was doing some experimenting with the chalk technique and discovered that a "metal" flat ruler worked as well as the paper cutter guide and was less bulky to use also. The ruler also gives you exact spacing with doing the lattice look on the background. The Sanford Magic Rub eraser (found mine at Staples 3 to a package for about $2) which is off white works GREAT.

The Magic Rub Eraser comes in a couple of widths. I bought the package of 3 and it is approximately the same size as a mini Post-It note. The photo above shows a post-it note (pink on the left) and the eraser (off white on the right) side by side for comparison. The Magic Rub Eraser is rectangle in shape. Do NOT buy a curved eraser. You will not get the same crisp line with a curved eraser that you get with this type. Stampin' Up! eraser that comes with the pastel chalks is a small off white rectangle eraser, but is only sold with the Stampin' Pastels.

These are 4 different backgrounds I created yesterday using the Pastel chalks, the ruler, and the eraser. The cards are not completed, but it does show you different ways that you can change the backgrounds just by changing the position of the ruler. The yellow one (lower right corner) is one that I used 3 different size erasers for the lines. I like the narrow (Stampin' Up!) one and the medium size (Magic Rub - 3 to a pack) the best. The wider one was another Magic Rub eraser we had at home that was wider than the rest.

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