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Friday, January 27, 2012

Melted Crayon Tutorial Using a Stampin' Up! Heat Gun

This is a photo intensive tutorial.  If you are receiving it by e-mail, you may need to view it at my blog especially if you do not have high speed internet.   

Oh my gosh, melted crayon art work is the gift to give right now.  You will see many examples of it throughout the internet.  However, there are not too many tutorials and all that I have found use a hairdryer.  Well, I have a wonderful Stampin' Up! Heat Gun which I couldn't wait to try.  It worked extremely well both with crayons and with Stampin' Up! Watercolor Crayons.   I will post the video tutorial for the Watercolor Crayons on Monday here on my blog.  Today is a photo tutorial I created using regular crayons and the heat gun.

Important Notes:
1.  Remember that the crayon is wrapped in paper.  Paper can catch fire, so be extremely careful.
2.  The wax in the crayons as it melts will splatter, so be sure to protect your work area.
3.  Wax is extremely HOT, do not touch the art piece until it has completely cooled.
4.   Open your doors and windows if you do this.  Crayons have a strong odor when melting.
5.  Do not hang on a wall that has direct sunlight.  It "may" cause your art work to melt even more.
6.  This project is not recommended for children.

Disclaimer:  If you do this technique, you are doing so at your own risk.   I'm not reasonable for any accidents etc that might happen while doing this technique.  

First sort you the colors (right side of photo).  My canvas was 11" x 14".   I used a box of 64 crayons and removed black, browns, grays and white before sorting.

 Using a hot glue gun, I put glue on the backs of the crayon (held with a pari of tweezers) and then immediately put it on the board with the crayon name up (so you can see it).  All crayons were put on the same way.

 Once all the crayons were in place and glue dry, I braced the canvas at an angle.  Be sure it will not slip.   Remember that the wax will splatter.  I covered part of my island with butcher paper then foil on top.   Wasn't sure if hot wax would soak thru the butcher paper, so decided foil on top was a good idea.

 Stampin' Up! sells a great heat gun.  It is easy to use, heats up immediately, and is pretty lightweight.

I started on the left and moved the heat gun back and forth, trying not to keep it in one position any length of time.  Again, remember the paper wrappers on the crayons are flammable ... be careful.  

 With crayons, they start to melt quickly and will drip down the canvas.   Because there is forced air from the heat gun, some of the drips will follow the path of the air.

 Having fun watching it melt as I go along.   

There will be some texture and some blobs of color.  You can run the heat gun over them to remelt if you want the color further down on the canvas.

 Melting process done.

 Added in Stampin' Up! 1/2" Stitched-Poly Ribbon across the front of the crayons AND
 around the sides (see photo below)

 Here's my finished project using crayons.

I used the same technique for Stampin' Up! Watercolor Crayons.  I used the colors I had on hand that were discontinued/retired a couple of years ago.  

The watercolor crayons melt differently than regular crayons.   They blended more together too which was neat.  We also noticed that they had a great deal of 3D effect with the melted wax.

 I added in a stamped image, a framelits frame, ribbon, and pearls.  
NOTE:  Do not put pearls on the wax.  They do not stick long term.   The ones I placed on the front of the crayon wrappers are fine tho.  I used watercolor pencils to color in the stamped image.

A close-up the pearls, ribbon, watercolor crayons, and melting.

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Come back on Monday to view my two part video tutorial on this same subject.

Disclaimer:  If you do this technique, you are doing so at your own risk.   I'm not reasonable for any accidents etc that might happen while doing this technique.  
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Mary Director
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