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Thursday, March 12, 2009

March Holidays

Just for fun ... got this from a local jewelry store via e-mail today:

Looking for something to celebrate this month? Your calendar may be bare now besides some St. Patrick's day fun, but there are many untraditional, silly and strange holidays that exist under our radar and can add a little sparkle to our lives. Below are some additional holidays that we can all celebrate in the month of March.

Want to celebrate your favorite foods this month? Great, because not only is March "National Peanut Month" and "National Frozen Foods Month," March also boasts "Potato Chip Day" (March 14), "National Chocolate Caramel Day" (March 19), "Chocolate Covered Raisin Day" (March 24), and "National Lobster Newburg Day" (March 25). If you are looking for a healthier alternative, you are in luck; March is also "National Nutrition Month."

March is the perfect month to celebrate your inner mathematician or chemist. The 14th of March is "Pi Day," celebrating everyone's favorite mathematical term Pi by marking the calendar's yearly trip to 3.14. You can also venture into the chemistry lab and celebrate "Bunsen Burner Day" on March 31, honoring the inventor of the essential science lab device, Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen.

If you are in an altruistic or philanthropic mood, this month is perfect for you. March is "Red Cross Month," "Social Workers Month," and "Music in our Schools Month." You can also celebrate the medical professionals who keep us healthy on "Dentist's Day" (March 6) or on "National Doctor's Day" (March 30).

For those who want to celebrate a holiday that reaches into the final frontier, the 20th of March is "Extraterrestrial Abduction Day." The exact origin of this strange, but very real holiday is unknown. Rumor has it, an abduction may be to blame!

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