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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Color Caddy Product Review

Product reviews I believe are beneficial to both you as my customer and to me as a demonstrator. It allows me to focus on a specific product with you and outline some of its highlights.

When I first started as a demonstrator back in August of 2008, my dream was to have one of each classic ink stamp pad that Stampin' Up! made. I was amazed at how quickly I added to my collection, and the need for storage became obvious. Stampin' Up! to the rescue.

Color Caddy, item #104335 .. price: $59.95
is shown on pg 203 of the Idea Book & Catalog 2009-2010

The Color Caddy holds 48 Classic or Craft ink pads and 48 refills and even rotates. There is some assembly required (just remember to NOT tighten the handle too tightly as you can strip the threads).

The Color Caddy pictured above is mine and I have put it on an oak lazy Susan (turn table). I decorated the lazy Susan with Decor Element daisies. This gave me additional storage area that would also turn. The Color Caddy does turn using its handle, but I have found for me that the lazy Susan makes it easier and smoother. There really is quite a bit of weight with a full Color Caddy.

I added in labels that I made to identify the color groupings. The refills are stored in the top area which is divided into 4 areas also. Great way to keep things handy.

I had a few more items than the Color Caddy would hold, so decided to store them this way for now. I have 8 Decor Elements daisies on the turn table. Some are hidden by the products, but you can see one under the Bermuda Bay refill.

There is also a Color Caddy Extender Kit available. It is item #107063 and sells for $14.95. The extender includes 3 stacking trays to accomodate 12 additional Stampin' Up! ink pads. Comes with extender rod and assembly instructions. NOTE: You can only use 1 extender kit maximum with the Color Caddy. I have not purchased the extender kit as my Color Caddy sits under a built in cabinet and the extender would make it too tall to fit.

I would highly recommend the Color Caddy. It is a great product for organization and ease of use. During Sale-A-Bration, the purchase of the Color Caddy would entitle you to one free gift from our Sale-A-Bration catalog.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact me OR go to my on-line Stampin' Up! website to place your order.

Stampin' Up! -- Discover Your Creativity
(On-line ordering now available thru my website)


Susan Vilar Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator said...

Thanks so much for posting this... I've wanted one for a LONG time, and at this point, I really need one to store all my growing collection of pads.

LOVE the idea of placing it on a Lazy Susan... I have one that's perfect for the job. :)

~ŠǿƒŧβŖñ™~ said...

I also love the idea of the Lazy Susan underneath!.. I have two caddys and with them full .. it really does not turn much..
Thanks for the reminder.. I saw the Lazy Susans in IKEA and thought about getting one, but didn't..

Mary Director said...

Soft, the Lazy Susan makes a HUGE difference with ease to turn especially with a full caddy. I love the caddy and am thinking of getting a 2nd one too. Stampin' Up! has new in colors each year, so am going to need a new caddy. Thanks for stopping by.

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