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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paper Piercing - What fun!!!

Today I would like to give a bit of a review on the Stampin' Up! Paper Piercing Tool (item #116631) and the Mat Pack (item #105826).

Mat Pack ... Paper-Piercing pad, paper-piercing template, and setting mat. Each are 4" x 4". Item #105826

Paper-Piercing Tool .... Use the paper-piercing tool to embellish any crafting project. Comes wtih reusable storage tube and protective cap. Handle length is 3 1/2", length of piercing tip is 3/4".
I went to Michaels today and also picked up some templates. These are actually suppose to be for yarn stitching (also known as Plastic Canvas), but the work great as paper piercing templates too. The templates came in packs of 10 for $1.29 to $1.99. They are back by the yarn. I got a 4" square, 3" circle, cross, heart and star. The Stampin' Up! template works well too. Lots of tiny hole areas (perfect for our Paper Piercing Tool) to do a few or a lot of accents to your design.

I used the Stampin' Up! setting mat (this is hard) and the paper-piercing pad (this is a firm foam consistency) will ALL of the templates. They help protect your work surace and help prevent the paper piercing tool from going thru to the table top.

The above photo just shows a few of the designs I made using the templates. Wouldn't they be a great addition to any card. You can also accent any paper punched area with Paper Piercing for an added piece of interest.

I have another Paper Piercing Tool, but have found Stampin' Up!'s to be far superior. It is heavier, has a bit thicker point than the other one I have. You can do fine dots or holes all the way thru the paper depending on the amount of pressure you use. With the help of the template, you can do straight lines, curved areas etc., so easily. If you buy the Paper-Piercing Tool, definitely buy the Mat Pack too. They really are meant to work together. Then if you want to be a bit more creative, get the additional templates in other shapes.

The Paper Piercing Tool and the Mat Pack Template work great too for placing brads. Line up the card/item where you want, then pierce while on the pad and setting mat. Remove from pad and mat, and set brad. The hole will be the perfect size and in the perfect spot because of using the template.

The Paper Piercing Tool and the Mat Pack set are must haves in my opinion for any crafter.

The items may be purchased from my on-line Stampin' Up! store or by contacting me directly.

Stampin' Up! -- Discover Your Creativity
(On-line ordering now available thru my website)


Stampin' Diva said...

Such a great idea. I have check them out!!!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea for using the plastic templates, I never would have thought of it. I am just into quilling and can't find paper piercing templates where I live. Thank you so much for your idea. Love your website. Susan

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