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Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Sister, a Very Special Lady

Karen, Dennis, Mary (me) and Hal
Carnival Spirit to Acapulco
January 2006

As many of you know my sister is in the hospital and in critical condition. The last week has been a week of reminiscing, tears, and laughter as family and friends share stories of things we all did together, whether as kids, young adults or adults. Please keep my sister in your prayers. She truly is a fighter, but we all need extra help at times from the big guy upstairs.

One of my favorite fairly recent memories is a cruise we took with Karen, Dennis, and their son. It was their 35th wedding anniversary and our 19th wedding anniversary that year. What a fabulous time we had, and the Carnival Spirit is a beautiful ship. Since we live in different states we don't often get to see each other, so having almost 2 weeks together was such a pleasure and so much fun. We spent a week on the cruise and I think about 4 days in San Diego afterwards exploring the area. What an amazing time for all of us.

I have made 10 mail boxes this weekend. Have 2 more to go then will post photos. I didn't get as much done as I originally planned because of lots of time on the phone with family. So the new ideas/projects won't be posted for a little longer. Thanks so much for understanding.

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1 comment:

Snowmanlover said...

Mary,I missed this post. Please know I am thinking about you and your sister.

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