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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cards Made with the Big Shot - Part 4 of 4

Can you tell that I am a BIG fan of the Big Shot!!! At one time I owned the Cricut, the Cuttlebug, and the Big Shot. I found I was using the Big Shot more and more so finally sold my Cricut and my Cuttlebug (both great machines) to others.

This is probably my most used die of the ones I have. It is called the "Top Note" - Item #113463 and is a BigZ die. Not only does it make a great card front, but it also fits as a topper for our small and medium plastic bags to make a goodie bag. If you fold it the short way, it will fit the small bag. If you fold it the long way, it will fit the medium bag.

This is called the "Petal Card" - Item #113467 and has been attached to the front of a card. The petal card is partially open to show you there is a surprise inside (3 flowers) It does close and lays fairly flat. Would be easy to mail. Your greeting could be put inside too.

In the Original Dies we have stars, circles, and ovals that each have 4 shapes per die and the shapes layer into each other. Above is the "Ovals" - Item #114525. Great way to save time when cutting out images ... cut 4 at once (1 sheet of paper 6" x 6" or less) and know that they will layer perfectly.

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Magoo said...

ohhhhhh noooo, I didn't read this, I didn't see this, I don't want to go out right now and buy this!!!!! LOL!! Those are just beautiful :) thank you for sharing :)

KreatesKards said...

Magoo .... now that you have seen this, you have to buy it. It's a rule!!!! Just teasing. I do understand what you are saying tho. Often I find myself eyeing creations others have made and then realizing I absolutely have to have that product too. Wonder if it is because we are both Aries -- that has to be it, something totally out of our control. LOL. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

scrapn_momof2 said...

Okay ladies you are both describing me to a "T" and I am an aries too. LOL I love all of the cards you created BTW, very talented!!

KreatesKards said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Maybe it is truly an "Aries" thing, but I doubt it. Probably more of a "creative person" thing. Either way, aren't we having fun. I'm so glad you liked my cards. Always have fun making them.

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