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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Glider Pack of Gum Cover - Tutorial

I have so many friends that chew gum that I thought this was a perfect gift item. Also great for party favors, thank you's, stocking stuffers, and so much more. Gave one to a neighbor last night along with the purse (yesterday's blog entry) filled with lifesavers. She is going to put them on her desk at work. Really a nice, discrete way to have goodies on your desk.

1 piece paper - solid color - 6 1/2" x 4"
1 piece paper - designer series paper - 4" x 1 1/2"
Ribbon - 5 1/2" ribbon of coordinating color that is 1" wide
White uni-ball Signo Gel Pen - faux stitching on tab - item #105021
Round Tab paper punch - solid color paper for 1 of these
Rhinestone Accent Brad
Flower Fusion (felt flowers) or flowers of your choice
Pop Up Glue Dot - approximately 1/2" diameter & 1/8" thick - item #104183
Scor-Pal 1/2" Double Sided Tape
Bone Folder
1 Package Gum (slider type) - I used Trident Sugarless

Score the 6 1/2" piece of solid paper at 2 1/2" and 2 3/4"

Fold over at the crease marks using your bone folder.

You are now going to use the pack of gum as your guide for the next two score lines.

The pack of gum is set up against the score lines you already created (see above, left side). Lightly mark with a pencil from top to bottom just to the right of the pack of gum.
Score this line, then erase pencil marks.
Using your bone folder, fold over and crease.

See how nicely the pack of gum now fits into the creases.
Set the pack of gum on its side (see photo above) and mark the right with pencil.
This will be your final crease line and will create a tab to attach the cover securely.
After marking the line with a pencil, score this line.
Erase pencil marks.
Fold over using the bone folder for a crisp fold line.

Using double sided tape - about 3 inches of 1/2" - attach pack of gum to cover. NOTE: I used the tab area as the bottom of the cover. You only need to adhere one side of the pack of gum. DO NOT put tape on the glider part of the package.
Using double sided tape (I used 2 lines of 1/2" for an extra strong hold), put tape on the long fold over tab. Now match up the cover ends so that they overlap each other. The smaller end (the tab) will go underneath the larger piece.
Here is the cover with pack of gum inside.
The designer series paper (DSP) is 4" x 1 1/2"

Using 1/2"double sided tape, attach ribbon to the DSP. The ribbon will be longer than the piece of paper. Do not trim/cut the ribbon.

Fold your ribbon over adhere to the back of the DSP. It will lay flat if you use double sided tape.

Using double sided tape (1/2") put a minimum of 2 rows if not 3 to adhere the DSP with ribbon to your gum cover.

I used 3 sizes of Flower Fusion felt flowers from Stampin' Up! and a rhinestone for my decorative accent. You could use silk flowers, paper punch flowers, a stamped designed .. all kinds of choices, let your imagination go wild.

In this photo I wanted to show how the flowers were attached togehter using the rhinestone accent brad. I put a pop up glue dot (Stampin' Up! has some fantastic ones that really hold) in the center then attached it to the DSP and ribbon piece.

This is how it looks once the flower was attached.

Using the Round Tab paper punch I punch one tab out in solid color (same as the cover)
Score from center notch to center notch and crease using the bone folder.

Trim from the down (I used the outer point as the guide).

Using double sided tape, I attached the tab to the front and back of the glider piece for the pack of gum.

Using the uni-Ball Signo Gel Pen I did little dashes to simulate faux stitching. Thought it went well with the real stitching on the ribbon.

Here's the finished gum cover.

Hope you will try these. They are easy to make and inexpensive gifts. The gum packages are $1.29 each, but are less expensive if you buy them in packs of 3. Costco or Sam's Club may have them too if you are making them as gifts.

I really feel these would be GREAT sellers at craft fair and holiday bazaars.

Stampin' Up! -- Discover Your Creativity
(On-line ordering now available thru my website)


~BridgetL~ said...

What a great idea. I always put gum in the kids stockings now I have a cool way to decorate them. Thank you for such easy directions.

KweenScrapper69 said...

way cool!
TFS! I will make one but need gum 1st ;) hehe

mimiof2 said...

This is so neat. I plan to make some for stocking stuffers. Also to give to some of my Church ladies' group.
Thanks, Karen

Eclectic Pink Rose said...

(Squeal) I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for the tutorial, now my gum can be cute, I'm all about the cute, and the cute pink!!! Love love love it!!!
♥ Teresa

BlueRose said...

Oh, my that is so cute I just love it and I just got a score pal so I sure hope to have just as much fun as you. Love your work girl...LOL

Enfys said...

Such a cute project, I love how it turned out
Enfys x

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