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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Product Reviews: Clear Block Storage Caddy AND Big Shot Storage Box

I can always count on Stampin' Up! to listen to what we need and want as a customer and as a demonstrator. With the following two products, they heard us loud and clear AND come thru with flying colors. These products are WINNERS in my book.

I was so excited to have UPS delivered a big box of Stampin' Up! goodies to my door today. I wanted to share two of these items with you along with photos to give you more details about them. For some reason, the colors are a bit off today in my photos.

First: Clear Block Storage Caddy
Item # 120279
Pg 192 of the new 2010-2011 Idea Book and Catalog

The caddy (item #120279) will hold every single block in the Block Bundle 9 blocks in total (item #118491). Each clear block is surrounded by molded foam to keep in securely in place. Caddy clamps shut with a thin protective sheet in between the blocks. It is easy to carry too because of its handle.

Caddy right after I took it out of the wrapper. It's more of a gray color than the beige that is showing. Again, my camera photo colors are off tonight.

Each space has a foam block in it that is removable. So if you don't have that block size now, leave the foam in place.

Foam blocks removed in the photo above. For now I am going to keep the foam blocks.

Here's a photo with the clear mount blocks in the caddy. Each one has a finger hole to help remove them when you are ready to use them. NOTE: They are in very tightly. A couple took a bit more effort, but I truly feel that with repeated use that the foam will loosen up a bit. The thin piece of foam in the top middle of this photo is what I used in between the two sides before I closed the caddy up. That way the blocks will not rub against each other.

The Caddy easily closes and clamps shut beneath the handle. LOVE IT.

NEXT: Big Shot Die Storage: Large Die Box
Item #122221
Pg 204 of new catalog
Comes with 2 plastic inserts for storage of 10 BigZ XL dies or 20 BigZ dies.
(when you open the inserts, don't throw away the double sided tape --- you need it to adhere the inserts to the bottom of the box).

Boxes come in 3 sizes Small, Medium and Large. I only ordered the Large size box as I desperately needed storage for my BigZ XL dies. The rest I had in storage boxes that the manufacturer sold. The Stampin' Up! boxes are FAR SUPERIOR. The lid of the Stampin' Up! Box sits flush with the sides and is a perfect fit with the dies inside. I have NEVER been able to find a box for the BigZ XL dies, so am thrilled that I now can get them thru Stampin' Up!.

The Stampin' Up! storage boxes have a printed lining. To me, the lining looks like a soft green but the photos are showing it more beige. Either way, I like the feel and the look of the interior of the boxes.

Large Die Box closed with lid on.

Photo of the lining in the lid. Same lining in the box itself. Color is off in my photo ... lining is a soft green not beige as shown here.

Isn't this wonderful!!! My dies line up and are supported in this box so nicely. It will hold 10 BigZ XL or 20 BigZ dies. I put the inserts towards the middle because I was using them for the XL dies. IF I was going to use them for the BigZ dies, I think that I would space the inserts further apart.

More information about the storage boxes:

Small Die Box, item #122219, includes 1 insert, stores 57 total Sizzlits, Clearlits, or Embosslits Dies.

Medium Die Box, item #122220, includes 1 insert, stores 10 total BigZ or Originals Dies.

Large Die Box, item #122221, includes 2 medium inserts, stores 10 BigZ XL or 20 BigZ or Originals Dies.

If you would rather store the dies in a drawer or other type of box, you can also buy the inserts alone: (photos on Pg 204 of the catalog)

Small Insert, item #120802
Large Insert, item #120801

These boxes and inserts are GREAT. Now with them and my Clear Block Storage Caddy I will be even more organized.

If you would like to order any Stampin' Up! products, you may contact me directly OR order on-line 24/7 on my website by CLICKING HERE then click on Shop Now.

Stampin' Up! -- Discover Your Creativity
(On-line ordering now available thru my website)

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Roberta said...

Now that I have seen them in use, I really need to buy them!

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